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Since our founding HDAnalytics stands for trust and communication face to face.

Our focus is on clear communication. We take enough time to consider your wishes and concerns. The best analysis must be prepared and presented in an understandable way. This is the only way to a successful cooperation.

Our experts work on complex analyses and insights to create a quickly understandable form, so that you can capture information for immediate use. We are convinced that only transparent and accessible communication leads to the common goal.


DI Dr. Christopher Rieser

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Co-Founder / Lead Data Scientist

As a mathematician, statistician, and PhD Statistical Learning Specialist with many years of experience, I provide you with data-driven solutions and master every data-related Challenge. Let's decipher the complex patterns in your data together.


DI Dr. Christoph Mühlmann

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Co-Founder / Data Scientist

With a Master's degree in physics, a PhD in computational statistics, and four years of practical experience, my expertise lies in Modelling, Data analysis, Interpretation and Visualization of your data. Let us find out together how we can use your data to gain valuable insights.

Are you the next to benefit from our expertise?

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